3D laser scanning classes

The aim of these open classes is to provide with a practical set of tools for operating and post-processing 3D laser scan data for students and staff of The Bartlet School of Architecture, University College London, in order for them to use it in their research and designs. Since the principles are common to similar scanning techniques, this approach allows participants to adapt to new technologies in the future.

The general sessions (tutor: Bernadette Devilat) of this open course introduce the use of the 3D laser scanning technology, including the scan of a part of The Bartlett School of Architecture as an example survey, alignment, data export, visualisation, edition, and the creation of images and videos.

There are also two specific courses on 3D laser scanning applications that are also offered. 3D laser scanning for Built Heritage (tutor: Bernadette Devilat) and for Virtual Reality (tutor: Fiona Zisch).

The objective of the Built Heritage sessions is to generate a complete survey of a heritage building to provide all the measurements required to create detailed technical drawings for architectural purposes, challenging the use of the 3D laser scanning in a short period of time. The cases scanned thus far are the St Boniface’s church and the church of The English Martyrs, both located in London. These cases were selected by the Survey of London in order to complement their current research.


Past classes:

2017-2018 TERM 3

B-scan poster_workshopHERITAGE_final

2017-2018 TERM 2

BScan poster_general_Term2

2017-2018 TERM 1

2016- 2017 TERM 3

B-scan poster_workshop

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Photos: Bernadette Devilat and Fiona Zisch


2016-2017 TERM 2

B-scan posters_TERM2


2016-2017 TERM 1